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How To Start Hiring

Start with expert freelancers

Create a free Employer in minutes. Employers post jobs from the menu— Freelancers submit proposals. Employers review the Proposals, communicate with freelancers, and choose who they want to Hire. Employer pay a deposit for the project to get started by freelancer. Once project has been completed — and employer is totally satisfied — payment will be released to freelancer through our protected payments system.

  • Is my Money Secured?

    Payment held By admin

    You only have to pay for work when it has been completed and you're 100% satisfied.

  • Do I get support?

    We're always here to help. Our support are available 24/7.


How it works as a Freelancer

Manage Your Profitable Account

Register as a freelancer, Fill your profile details such as service title, description, skills and set a price. Profile details are your most valuable resource because employers browse your profile before deciding who to choose for a project, so it’s important that you present your services in the best way possible. Show examples of your work in your portfolio, be descriptive and keep your profile up-to-date.

  • Is registration free

    Sign up as a freelancer

    Registration is free for all freelancers. no hidden prize

    Sign up to gain access to send proposal to employers or post freelance gigs, skills, and services to our global marketplace


How to sell gigs as a freelancer

Post Freelance Gigs

Make extra money as a freelancer by selling freelance gigs, skills and services.

First, you will need to create Freelance account. Post gigs service from the menu bar.

  • Where can I post gigs?

    Gigs services

    Post freelance gigs service from freelance dashboard at the left icon menu.